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addRootStem(extension, displayExtension)

Add top-level stem to the registry

addStem(parent stem name, extension, displayExtension)

Add stem to registry

delStem(stem name)

Delete stem from registry

obliterateStem(stem name, testOnlyBoolean, deleteFromPointInTimeBoolean)    (Grouper v2.0.2+)

Delete stem, and subobjects.

If testonly (true|false), then only
print a report.  This is not supported when deleteFromPointInTime is true.

If deleteFromPointInTime (true|false), then delete from point in time only.  Otherwise, point in time records are not deleted.

Note that point in time data can only be deleted after the actual objects have been deleted and those deletions have been processed by the changeLogTempToChangeLog job, which runs once a minute by default with the Grouper Daemon.  So if you want to completely delete a stem (including point in time data), then run this GSH command with deleteFromPointInTime=false, then wait a minute or so, then run the GSH command with deleteFromPointInTime=true.

GrouperSession must be open before calling...

getStemAttr(stem name, attr)

Get value of stem attribute


Find all stems with a matching naming attribute value, returns a Set of stems

setStemAttr(stem name, attr, value)

Set value of stem attribute

StemFinder.findByName(grouperSession, name)

Find one stem by name

StemFinder.findByUuid(grouperSession, uuid)

Find one stem by uuid

Code Block
grouperSession = GrouperSession.startRootSession();
stem = StemFinder.findByName(grouperSession, "a");
for(child : stem.getChildGroups(Stem.Scope.SUB)) { System.out.println("deleting: " + child.getName()); child.delete();  }
stemList = new ArrayList(stem.getChildStems(Stem.Scope.SUB));
for(childStem : stemList) { System.out.println("deleting: " + childStem.getName()); childStem.delete(); }

Delete stem and subcontents