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Performance Working Group at Internet2 2011 Fall Member Meeting in Raleigh

 Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011, 7:30am - 8:30 am, Room 306B

Draft Agenda

Internet2 Update --- Jeff Boote, Internet2

  • General update on Internet2 staff efforts in network performance space

Fiber Asset Management Software -- Carla Hunt, MCNC

  • In November 2010, MCNC, an independent 501 c3 nonprofit that operates the North Carolina Research and Education Network, issued an RFP for identifying an appropriate vendor to supply fiber asset management and mapping software to be used to document and manage existing and planned Outside Plant (OSP), allowing MCNC to accurately document the location and status of fiber assets in North Carolina that are being acquired as a result of the Broadband Technology and Opportunities Program (BTOP). Carla Hunt from MCNC will describe the process for developing the RFP and evaluating vendor offerings.

ESnet Distributed Help Desk -- Brian Tierney or Phil DeMar, ESnet

  • The E-Center Network Weather & Performance Monitor is a project whose goal is to provide a single location for researchers to obtain detailed network path information of interest, and seek assistance with related concerns. This talk will describe the project, and detail its progress so far.

Periscope Presentation  -- Martin Swany, University of Delaware

  • Periscope Presentation Abstract: Measurement is critical for understanding system performance, but it is often difficult in distributed environments.  This talk describes a framework called Periscope that extends and integrates existing perfSONAR, XSP and NetLogger systems to provide end-to-end, activity-specific measurements that can potentially handle  all  relevant performance data for a given user's activity in a distributed system.

IPv6, backbone measurements, and Netflow -- Matt Zekauskas, Internet2

  • This short presentation will highlight the IPv6 measurements on the Internet2 backbone, and the recent addition of flow data.

Issues around Buffer Bloat - Jim Warner, UC Santa Cruz

  • Buffering by network switches can cause excessive delay in packet delivery which can have negative consequences for latency sensitive applications such as VoIP. This phenomena, dubbed bufferbloat, has recently garnered widespread attention in the popular press. Members of the R+E community will discuss the challenges in handling bufferbloat in their networks.