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  1. Roll call (2 min)
  2. Minutes of the last call (2 min)
  3. Agenda Bash (2 min)
  4. Action Items (10 min)
    + Rob: Take a first stab at drafting a picture of the overall
    architectural diagram and how we fit in it.
    Rob will use Graffle to produce a high level diagram
    + All: Review the documentation from the SCIM project, particularly
    the SCIM scenarios documentation, and see where you think
    there are gaps between our needs and the use cases/
    scenarios SCIM is addresing.
    + Keith: Will send out URLs for the SCIM documentation and web
    site for us to review
    + Rob: Will send out some other items for though before the next
    conference call.
  5. New Business
    1. SCIM documentation review – thoughts (All, 15 min)
    2. Rough Architectural Diagram Straw Man (Rob, All, 10 min)
    3. Next Steps (All, 20 min)
      1. Gap definition – how do we want to baseline our part of the gap? How shall we identify the gap itself?
      2. Prioritization – How should we prioritize the parts of the gap for inclusion in a strategy proposal?
      3. Strategy deliverable – How shall we construct our deliverable for next month?
    4. Action Items for next call (5 min)
  6. Other business (5 min)
  7. Adjourn