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  • planning call - 2011 08 05

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1. Roll/notes

  • Approximately 12 participants (was not able to capture actual names of every participant)

2. Finalize agenda for the f2f

  • Dividing agenda into time slots is helpful to ensure we make the best use of our time
  • Consider moving 1-2:30 segment focused on "boxes or logical groupings" up to the beginning of the day (move it up to 9:30-10:30/11AM)
  • We'll need to identify what is IN vs. OUT scope as we go (auto provisioning was put forth as an example)
  • Need to establish a Parking Lot segment to catch issues that need to be tabled during the meeting
  • Open Registry has "matured" recently as a potential open source solution for a Person Repository
  • *I didn't capture the following well (from Bob/Tom): We should focus on IAM processes so as not to inadvertently leave out a key component (ex. Service Bus)
  • End of the first day:  Goal: Talk in terms of tasks so that will find their way into project road maps
  • Wednesday morning - Start with an agenda check
  • Breaks will be added on the fly

3. Participant homework prior to 9am Tuesday

  • Familiarize yourself with the documented Use Cases/Documentation prior to the meeting

4. Tuesday evening plans

  • Tom will review restaurants within close proximity to the Conference Center
  • No formal plans have been made

5. Status of pre-conf activities

  • Each person should think critically (and document if possible) about what modules/chunks make up an IAM and where the initial gaps lie, after which the use cases should help better identify some of the more subtle gaps.
  • Rob will take a pass at the above bullet and will send out a link to it in advance of the meeting.

6. Else?