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This instruction applies to service provider (SP) metadata only.

titleImportant considerations when working with the "Access" categories

When using the Anonymous Access, Pseudonymous Access, or Personalized Access categories, a service provider should select the one category that best suits the SP's data needs. It is possible for an SP to register for multiple "access" categories. If you do so, be aware of these considerations:

  • If the identity provider you are interacting with supports multiple categories, that identity provider has the discretion to determine which category to release data under. Further, the IdP may change its mind on which to use at any time. That means you may receive different datasets for the same user across transactions.
  • The SP is responsible for implementing the appropriate workflow and/or user experience to account for an IdP releasing data under any of the categories you choose. The includes the possibility that the IdP may release attributes from multiple categories simultaneously.

To register an SP for the REFEDS Pseudonymous Access entity category:

Log in to Federation Manager and click your SP's entity ID in the list of Existing Service Providers. 

Click "Entity Attributes" from the left navigation. The Entity Attributes section appears.

Check the box under the Assert Column for the row labeled REFEDS Pseudonymous Access. 

Remember to navigate to "Review and Submit" to submit your entity for publication. Your changes won't be published to the InCommon metadata until you submit it for publication.


REFEDS Anonymous, Pseudonymous and Personalized Access FAQ

Official REFEDS Anonymous Access entity category definition

Official REFEDS Pseudonymous Access entity category definition

Official REFEDS Personalized Access entity category definition

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