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This instruction applies to identity provider (IdP) metadata only.

titleImportant considerations when working with the "Access" categories

IdP Operator: if a service provider is registered with more than one (Anonymous Access, Pseudonymous Access, Personalized Access categories, Research and Scholarship), you have the discretion to decide which category applies when releasing user  information. 

To declare support for the REFEDS Anonymous Access entity category:

Log in to Federation Manager and click your SP's entity ID in the list of Existing Identity Providers. 

Click "Entity Attributes" from the left navigation. The Entity Attributes section appears.

Check the box under the Assert Column for the row labeled REFEDS Anonymous Access Support. Make sure the "Hide from Discovery" Entity Attribute is unchecked. If your user can't find your IdP from the list of available SSO options in the Discovery Service, they can't use it to sign in to participate in academic collaboration.

Remember to navigate to "Review and Submit" to submit your entity for publication. Your changes won't be published to the InCommon metadata until you submit it for publication.


REFEDS Anonymous, Pseudonymous and Personalized Access FAQ

Official REFEDS Anonymous Access entity category definition

Official REFEDS Pseudonymous Access entity category definition

Official REFEDS Personalized Access entity category definition

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