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When an extended attribute is added to a CO, a record of it is added to the  cm_co_extended_attributes table. However, this record serves primarily as an index or reference. The actual extended attribute values attached to a given CO Person Role are stored in dynamically managed tables.


More sophisticated requirements can be met by implementing native models, views, and controllers in the CakePHP framework. The best way to do that is probably to write a  Plugin.

Extended Types

Extended types allow custom types to be defined for a given attribute. This doesn't directly change the Registry Data Model, but allows flexibility in how some attributes are used. For example, several email address types are defined by default (delivery, forwarding, official, and personal). However, it may be desirable to add additional types (such as pager or deprecated). This is done via Extended Types.


The following attributes support Extended Types:

  • Address Type
  • CO Department Type (as of Registry v3.3.0)
  • CO Person Role Affiliation
  • Email Address Type
  • Identifier Type
  • Name Type
  • Telephone Number Type