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The InCommon Silver Identity Assurance Profile includes stronger identity management procedures which will be required by some Service Providers (some applications from the National Institutes of Health, for example). Identity Providers will need more-stringent requirements for validating the identities of individuals to whom they grant user IDs and passwords.

Refining Silver - As the need for Silver gets closer, the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is refining the Silver Identity Arruance Profile to provide clarity and ensure that only necessary requirements are included. This process is expected to be completed by the Internet2 2011 Spring Member Meeting (April 18-20).

The TAC is accepting comments on the refined Silver Identity Assurance Profile (v .1.1) and the refined Silver Identity  Assurance Assessment Framework (v 1.1) through March 28, 2011. Please send any comments to

Silver Optional - Silver will be optional and available for campuses that want to meet a set of criteria that satisfies higher-risk applications' requirements.

Service Providers will determine their particular profile requirements, based on an assessment of the risk associated with their federated application. The Silver profile is expected to become a valuable standard for managing organizational identities as higher-risk SPs enable federated access.

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Several schools are working together to implement Silver, including the CIC (Big Ten and the University of Chicago), the University of Washington and Virginia Tech. They have completed one of three phases and have issued this report.

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