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This information is deprecated. It has been moved to the


REFEDS Schema Board wiki:

Welcome to the Internet2 MACE-


Directories Working Group wiki


As of November 2018, the MACE Directories Working group is "sunsetted" with the eduPerson function moved to REFEDs.

See the Sunset planning document here.

To sign up for the REFEDs email list handling schema issues:  

The MACE-Directories working group looked at how to describe common identity information for campus and federated relationships.

To obtain editing access to this space (working group members only), see instructions here.

To subscribe to the The MACE-Dir List, send email to pubsympa at internet2 dot edu, with the subject line:  subscribe mace-dir Firstname Lastname

To unsubscribe, send email to pubsympa at internet2 dot edu, with the subject line:  unsubscribe mace-dir

Mace Directories Working Group calls are announced on the mailing list, held as needed on Mondays at 3pm ET

Directories email list will be closed sometime in the future with the sunsetting of this working group



Working Group call notes are were live-scribed at:

Current activities



Group Chairs:  Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin and David Bantz, University of Alaska

eduPerson Specification 201602 Approved

The eduPersonOrcid attribute is included in the eduPerson specification (201602)

 Activities prior to the sunsetting of the MACE-Dir Working Group



Archive of older work items




Comments/questions should be addressed to <mace-dir-comments AT internet2 DOT edu>