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  1. (IN PROGRESS) Move advanced options to each section (if applicable)
  2. (DONE) Make sure advanced is last (currently failsafe is last)
  3. (DONE) Defaults for CRUD at object level
    1. Insert/Update/Select groups
    2. Delete groups that Grouper created
    3. Insert/Update/Select entities
    4. Delete entities that Grouper created
    5. Insert/Update/Select memberships
    6. Delete memberships that Grouper created
  4. (IN PROGRESS) Defaults for CRUD at attribute level
    1. If the object selects, the attribute selects
    2. If the object inserts, the attribute inserts
    3. If the object updates, the attribute updates
  5. (DONE)There is no concept of field anymore, only attribute
    1. (DONE)The notation (e.g.) will still be supported
  6. Multiple matching/search attributes, prioritized
    1. Dao can search for all at once or each at a time, the input will specify the search attribute(s)
  7. Matching and search attributes will be configured after attributes are configured
    1. Pick how many, select each one with drop down
  8. Validations will have an opening option as to whether validations are customized (dont show by default)
  9. (DONE) LDAP DN is not an attribute: ldap_dn (instead of field name)
  10. LDAP automatic settings will show the setting and ask if should be customized (e.g. DN)
    1. LDAP DN should be based on RDN
  11. (DONE) groupToId2 etc will just be named groupAttributeValueCache0-3
    1. Can be configured below attributes in the groupLink section
  12. (DONE) Refactor entity attribute resolver config
    1. Configs should have a hierarchical prefix on the config suffix
    2. FROM provisioner.genericProvisioner.sqlConfigId to provisioner.genericProvisioner.entityResolver.sqlConfigId
  13. Easy way to massage characters
    1. How many character substitutions
    2. Substitute a regex (or lack of regex)
    3. For a string
    4. Which objects / attributes to apply to
  14. (DONE) Multi-valued attributes are "sets" and not "arrays"
  15. (DONE) Rename classes and methods to be consistent (e.g. FROM retrieveGrouperTranslator TO retrieveGrouperProvisioningTranslator)
  16. (DONE) Adjust defaults to make sense or rename configs so the default is intended.  e.g. retrieve all entities in full sync should default to true
    1. Upgrade step for that???
  17. Screen should flow from top to bottom.  You shouldnt need to scroll up to see an option of configure an option
    1. (DONE) Sources to provision should be in the entity section
  18. Translate from object or sync object in one fell swoop
  19. Add indent level to json metadata and indent on screen