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  • Some people are also interest in "The Essential Project" =
  • Many of these (kinds of) tools have their particular focus, but most of them do support languages such as Archimate.
  • Is there tension between upkeep of all these data in the EA tool and the need to keep/retain/harvest the kind of information held in a CMDB?
  • For anybody here with a Gartner subscription, this from 22NOV2021: Jhawar, A., van der Heiden, G., & Hart, N. (2021) _Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Architecture Tools_, Gartner Research, Article ID #G00742564, available at (and some might also be interested in the "magic quadrant" based upon those critical-capabilities assessments: van der Heiden, G., Jhawar, A., & Hart, N. (2021) _Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools_, Gartner Research, Article ID #G00742577, available at


Chat Log

13:09:36 From  Piet Niederhausen  to  Everyone:
    Today’s deck is here:
13:18:42 From  Mary Stevens  to  Everyone:
    We are using BizzDesign if you have any questions, we really love it
13:27:38 From  Marc Ulan  to  Everyone:
    Nice job Henry!
13:28:54 From  Steve J Devoti  to  Everyone:
    Thanks Henry. Very informative.
13:28:54 From  Louis King  to  Everyone:
    Thanks Henry. Very interesting. Did you evaluate the ServiceNow IT Business Management module?
13:29:11 From  Henry Pruitt  to  Everyone:
    thanks... I really liked the tool and capabilities.. one of my top choices... may reach out to you separately.
13:31:40 From  Henry Pruitt  to  Everyone:
    We do not have a license for that component of service now... we are in the midst of doing a zboot on our servicenow instance and may look at it again later... with the project planning function going to that platform it may help tip the scales...
13:32:02 From  Henry Pruitt  to  Everyone:
    one of the item that seems to be missing from that product is doing the diagramming and modeling
13:33:12 From  Louis King  to  Everyone:
    Thanks. I have access and hope to look at it in the coming year.
13:34:05 From  Henry Pruitt  to  Everyone:
    great louis!  Looking forward to hearing your impressions!
13:39:25 From  Steve J Devoti  to  Everyone:
    Thanks Mahmoud. Very interesting.
13:39:53 From  Mahmoud Youssef  to  Everyone:
    Thank you Steve
13:40:17 From  Jim Phelps (UW)  to  Everyone:
    I really liked the Gap analysis and having that mapped out to business outcomes
13:41:35 From  Mahmoud Youssef  to  Everyone:
    It has great capabilities in modeling, but limited on the analysis side
13:43:55 From  Louis King  to  Everyone:
    Love the one-line synopsis. Thanks for sharing your experience.
13:45:40 From  Mahmoud Youssef  to  Everyone:
    Thank you Louis
13:55:24 From  Steve J Devoti  to  Everyone:
    Thank you Alberto. Another very informative presentation.
13:55:38 From  Curtis Scheer  to  Everyone:
    thanks for the great information everyone
13:55:41 From  Lonnie Smetana (U of Manitoba)  to  Everyone:
    Thank you to everyone for sharing their insights today
13:55:59 From  Piet Niederhausen  to  Everyone:
    Thank you Henry, Mahmoud, Alberto, and J.J. This was a valuable update on a key recurring topic. Especially appreciate the structure Henry provided for thinking about a range of solutions.
13:56:16 From  Louis King  to  Everyone:
13:56:18 From  jeff kennedy  to  Everyone:
    J.J. and Henry and Mahmoud and Alberto = thank you!  this has been an excellent discussion, and your case studies have been super valuable.
13:56:32 From  James Duncan  to  Everyone:
    Thanks everyone - this is very timely, as we’re just developing an RFP for our EA tool.
13:57:27 From  Curtis Scheer  to  Everyone:
    I would be interested in joining the group that is looking at the essential project.
13:58:56 From  jeff kennedy  to  Everyone:
    Archi has good capabilities to ingest entities, attributes, and relationships.
13:59:11 From  Mary Stevens  to  Everyone:
    +1 to JJ
13:59:22 From  Jim Phelps (UW)  to  Everyone:
    I would be interested in a mapping of the capabilities you are using, the detail amount and the TCO of owning and running
14:00:50 From  Marc Ulan  to  Everyone:
    Thank you presenters, good information.
14:01:00 From  Louis King  to  Everyone:
    Thanks everyone for a really powerful 2021 agenda and program. Yay us!!!
14:01:04 From  Alberto Mendoza  to  Everyone:
    Anyone interested in EAS Essentials, I'd be interested, specially as we build a model for EA
14:01:11 From  George Kopf  to  Everyone:
    Yes.  Nicely done.  Very informative.