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Working Group Goals & Objectives

The participants in Internet2 K20 Initiatives and persons working on federated identity management and middleware initiatives have identified the need to engage in a coordinated effort to extend effective implementation of the standards.   Because a great deal has already been accomplished to develop awareness and create resources that support informed approaches for early adoption in federations of organizations, broader outreach throughout the K20 organizations participating in Internet2 initiatives is considered to be a key factor in the success of shared goals among the networks and constituent organizations.  In order to help to further define the scope and articulate the strategic value of mutual efforts of scalable deployment, the K20 Middleware working group will address the following questions:
(1) What opportunities currently exist for broadening outreach and coordinating the formation of federations among K20 networks and systems? 

(2) Who else needs or wants to be engaged in this effort? 

(3) How shall the working group organize agenda formation, calendar, and conduct future meetings?

Additional topics for discussion which may help identify opportunities for the working group to build broader engagement in shibboleth implementations. 

  • Large scale assessment systems
  • Live online tutoring systems in K12 networks
  • Digital rights managment issues for aggregations of content like instructional resources, reference databases, course management software, and portal access
  • Inter-institutional, inter-agency, and local, state, and federal information exchange of data - aggregated and disaggregated - educational and personally identifiable information
  • Grid computing initiativesOut of the box solutions for districts, regional, and statewide deployment
  • New and ongoing development of specific solutions

Working Group Members

  • Shaun Abshere
  • Dennis Drooger 
  • Ken Klingenstein
  • George Laskaris
  • Greg Monaco
  • Jim Moran
  • Miko Pattie
  • Mike Rohr
  • Randy Stout
  • James Werle

Meetings Calendar

Project Documentation


Federated Management Animation

  • Google Video from JISC
    • The JISC is pleased to announce the release of a new animation explaining the concept of federated access management for the UK educational community.  The five-minute animation assumes no prior technical knowledge and provides a clear overview for those making strategic decisions concerning access management within their institutions.

Federated Access Management Session at TERENA 2007

  • Overview, Status Updates, and Future Plans
    • Federations Get Together to Grant Access: Building federations spans a wide range of challenges, and interconnecting federations adds more complexity. Federations are necessary building blocks of trust for interconnecting users and services in education and research and for interconnecting our community with other user communities outside the research and education sector.