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We have received reports that services which were affected by this outage are now behaving normally. We have tested all the known-bad edge locations that we were tracking, and they are all now correctly returning MDQ results with an HTTP "200" status code in response to correctly-formed metadata requests for published SAML entity descriptors. We have not yet received confirmation from AWS that this issue has been fully resolved. 

Update 2021-10-08 15:12 MDT

AWS has officially notified us that they have resolved the issue, and our testing bears this out. We are marking this issue as "resolved" but will await word from AWS on what caused this outage and what was done to fix it, and what will be done to try to prevent its reoccurrence. We will prepare an after-action report which will be made available once we have complete data and can assemble the report. This may take a while to gather, assemble, and make ready for public consumption. We will also work with the relevant governance body, the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee, on next steps.