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Registering a Vetting Request queues a Job to process the request, as described below.


Manual Vetting does not currently result in automatic changes to the CO Person status. For example, a Failed result will not suspend or lock the CO Person record. This behavior is subject to change in a future release.

Processing Vetting Requests

Vetting Requests are processed asynchronously via VetJob. Vetting Steps are processed one at a time, in order, and may return the following statuses:

  • Passed: The subject has passed this Vetting Step, and the next Vetting Step is run. If there are no further Steps to run, the subject has passed vetting.
  • Failed: The subject has failed this Vetting Step. The subject has failed vetting, and the overall Vetting Request terminates.
  • Pending Manual Review: The Plugin was unable to successfully complete Vetting, and administrator review is required. Once this review is completed, processing will continue as appropriate for Passed or Failed.
    • If a Plugin returns this result, a notification will be sent to the Vetting Group configured for the Vetting Step (if set) or to the CO Administrators (if no Vetting Group is set).
  • Pending Result: The Plugin is awaiting further processing from some sort of asynchronous process. Processing will resume when the result is received.


Vetting Requests may be viewed via the CO Person record, or via PeopleVetting Requests.

CO Administrators can view and resolve any Vetting Steps (Pending Manual Review) within the CO. Members of any Vetting Group associated with any Vetting Step may view all Vetting Requests (and all Vetting Steps within those Requests), but a Vetting Step can only be resolved by members of the Vetting Group associated with that Step.

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