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DISCLAIMER: Rolling out MFA requirements among eRA users spanning hundreds of organizations is a massive undertaking. As the project unfolds, details shift. This guide reflects our best interpretation of eRA's latest plan as it happens. Things may change. If you are seeing different behaviors, please let us know at

2. Is my IdP ready to support eRA’s MFA requirements?

NIH has provided a validation tool to check your IdP’s readiness. To test, visit the eRA Security Compliance Check Tool and sign in with a MFA-enabled credential.

If you pass, your IdP is ready. Remember: you will need to MFA-enable each user signing in to eRA . 

If you do not pass, check the following:

  • Does my IdP support the REFEDS MFA Profile?
  • Is my IdP releasing the required user attributes for the user signing into eRA?
  • Is MFA enabled on the user account used to sign in?

If your IdP will not be ready to meet eRA’s MFA requirement by September 15, see  My IdP won’t be ready in time, what will happen?