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  1. Install Java11
  2. Install Java8
  3. Install eclipse, in installer select "Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers", select the Java11 you just installed
    1. Make sure eclipse ini has at least 3 gig memory
  4. Add Java8 JRE

  5. Make a new Maven project without archetype

  6. Right click on Project, Maven → Add dependency
    1. GroupId: edu.internet2.middleware.grouper
    2. ArtifactId: grouper-ui
    3. Version: 2.5.47

  7. Right click on project, Maven, update project
  8. I use the java perspective, so switch to that

  9. Get the webapp dir out of container

    Code Block
    PS C:> cd C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test
    PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> docker run --detach -e GROUPER_LOG_TO_HOST=true --name grouperFiles i2incommon/grouper:2.5.47 ui
    PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> docker cp grouperFiles:/opt/grouper/grouperWebapp .
    PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> docker rm -f grouperFiles
    PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> 

  10. Refresh your eclipse project and see grouperWebapp

  11. Lets move the existing grouperWebapp/WEB-INF/classes dir contents into a new source folder named grouperWebappClasses

  12. Move any properties files from there to the resources folder and customize.  Note if you are connecting to an existing database, the morphString secret must match

  13. If you are using a new database
    1. Start hsql

      Code Block
      PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> mkdir temp
      PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> cd temp
      PS C:\users\mchyzer-local\eclipse-workspace\test> java -cp .\grouperWebapp\WEB-INF\lib\hsqldb-2.3.5.jar org.hsqldb.Server -port 9001 -database file:temp/grouper

    2. (moved from grouperWebappClasses)

  14. If you are using an existing database

  15. Add in to that it is ui, and put in a local pass for a subject (remote database) or GrouperSystem (hsql database or remote)

    Code Block = true
    # UI basic auth is for quick start. Set to false when you migrate to shib or something else = true
    grouperPasswordConfigOverride_UI_mchyzer_pass = pass
    grouperPasswordConfigOverride_UI_GrouperSystem_pass = pass

  16. Set java8 for project

  17. Change build path to compile to grouperWebapp/WEB-INF/classes (except the test source and test resources).  Also dont exclude any resources.  Note, in future if you do Maven → Update project, you might have reset some of these settings

  18. Download tomcat 8.5

  19. Add a new server in eclipse

  20. Window → Show view → Servers, add a module

  21. Make a large startup timeout

  22. Start the server

  23. Go to local grouper: http://localhost:8080/grouper   (userName/pass) or whatever you put in