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$ ./Console/cake job CoreJob.Sync -s --coid co [--ois_id ois_id] [--force] [--source_key source_key] [--reference_id reference_id]

  • co: Numeric CO ID to run Org Identity Source sync for.
  • force: Force Org Identity Source sync, as described here.
  • ois_id: Org Identity Source ID to run sync for. (If omitted, sync all configured sources in the CO.)
  • reference_id: When source_key is specified, link the source record with the CO Person identified by the provided Identifier of type Reference, if found. Available as of Registry v4.1.0. 
  • source_key: Sync only the record identified by the specified Source Key (SOR ID). Available as of Registry v4.1.0.


Reprovision records based on Group Validity Dates. As of Registry v4.0.2, this job will also process CO Group Nesting changes due to validity dates taking effect.