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Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is a global initiative, supported by the Internet Society, that provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats. 

The Internet2 community is increasing participation in MANRS because routing security is a growing area of concern for network operators around the globe.

Whether from accidental misconfiguration or malicious hijack, the results are often more than just inconvenient. As academic and business critical functions are hosted or off-prem, the internet is no longer a nice to have, but a key component of an organization's IT infrastructure. How long can your organization handle not being able to reach email, a learning management system, your ERP system?

Colleges and universities have a long history of being connected to the internet, and there was a time when connecting to the internet was nearly "set it, and forget it".

But, today, this shared and critical infrastructure needs our attention. Routing Security is vital to the future and stability of the Internet.

The internet is a shared resource; securing it is a shared responsibility.

Participating in MANRS consists of four simple but concrete actions that network operators should take.

Joining MANRS and the Internet2 community’s efforts also connects you with a community of security-minded professionals and organizations committed to making the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure.


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