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Shibboleth UI is a Spring Boot web application which supports all standard Spring Boot property sources and configuration options. So, let's assume that our external configuration directory is `/etc/shibboleth-ui`. By default, property sources named `` and `application.yml` will be recognized by Spring Boot and merged at runtime to form a finalized `Environment` finalized `Environment` object holding all the properties gathered from all the property sources locations and then available to configure Shibboleth UI web application. All the standard Spring Boot property sources precedence rules apply here, but for our purposes we need to know that Shibboleth UI war embeds the set of default configuration properties available on runtime classpath in `` file and then any standard property could be overridden by externalizing them in additional `` or `application.yml` files. So, back to our example, let's assume we use `/etc/shibboleth-ui/application.yml` file to run our Shibboleth UI application and connect to MariaDB RDBMS instead of a default embedded H2 database that is configured in `` embedded in shibui.war. And also let's assume that we have dowloaded the war file and placed it to `/usr/local/shibui/shibui-1.711.0.war`. The sample `/etc/shibboleth-ui/application.yml` containing properties to connect to MariaDB instance and default unencrypted password for the `root` user would look like this:


java -Xmx1g -jar shibui-1.711.0.war --spring.config.additional-location=file:/etc/shibboleth-ui/
and then you could access application on http://localhost:8080 with root/pass username/password combination

So, now you could use externalized /etc/shibboleth-ui/application.yml file to override/configure any property available to Shibboleth UI web application independent of what is embedded in the shibui.war.



Once it is turned on it will assynchronoiusly send beacon data which it will gather from necessary environment variables (which will be set by TAP Docker image for shibboleth idp ui application), but if running outside of TAP Docker container and those environment variables are not set, even though the beacon module is enabled, the data will not be sent. Below is the example of necessary environment variables that need to be set in order for Beacon module to kick in if running outside of TAP Docker container: