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April 23, 2020, Minutes

Attending: Janemarie Duh, Keith Wessel, Eric Goodman, Eric Kool-Brown, Matt Brookover, Heather Flanagan, Mary McKee, Judith Bush, Matthew Economou, Mark Rank

With: David Walker, Nick Roy, Albert Wu, David Bantz, Dave Shafer, Steve Zoppi, IJ Kim, Kevin Morooney, Shannon Roddy

Ops Updates

  1. New FM Site Admin UI - major upgrade, being released in roughly two weeks. Lets you save your work as you go, among other major changes.
  2. Hoping to release the new Central Discovery service in early May - major change is that it will show all IdPs, not just InCommon IdPs.

International updates

Heather shared thoughts about campus stakeholders and federated identity management - specifically, "What campus stakeholder group are we going to shock with FIM next? First, we impacted the research community, and they still struggle to get what they need from campus IT with regard to federation. Now, we’re impacting the library community, which is also struggling with campus IT with regard to federation. Is there another group that is going to feel this pain down the line? Can we get in front of that?” She referred to Ralph Youngen's post in Scholarly Kitchen about Seamless Access in a post-COVID world.

Cloud Cookbook - InCommon and REFEDS

Both the TAC and REFEDS have "cloud cookbook revision" on their work plans. REFEDS has previously developed a cloud cookbook (as has InCommon). What is the best way to coordinate this work? Either group could take the initial reins of updating and vetting the revisions with the larger community. Keith Wessel will send email to the REFEDS list as a first step in getting the work started.

As part of the revisions of SP documentation in the InCommon wiki, Albert Wu and David Walker plan to reference the REFEDS Cloud Cookbook where possible. There is a gap in how we address commercial SPs, specifically cloud SPs. The expectations within the InCommon community don’t necessarily align with how those companies tend to handle the same concerns. There is interest in having the cloud cookbook cover that gap and clarify roles and responsibilities.

Baseline Expectations Work Plan

CTAB plans to restart the work on the new version of Baseline Expectations, which seems timely given that some items support the type of research efforts going on during COVID. It is  fortuitous that the REFEDS errorURL standardization work is mostly wrapped up (or getting there) so it could be used in BE.

Deployment profile survey results and action items

Final report of Deployment Profile WG:

Breaking out remaining action items and who should do what. What does the end result need to look like? Have not had time/resources to do that given all that is going on. Suggest using upcoming TAC call time to work through this with the group.

Next Meeting -  Thursday, May 7, 2020