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  • binary
  • boolean
  • country: ISO 3166-1 two letter country code
  • date: YYYY-MM-DD format (ISO 8601)
  • dateTerm: A datestamp used to indicate intervals such as a semester, trimester, or quarter. The general format is YYYY-L#, where L is one of H (half year), T (third), or Q (quarter), and # is the sequential number. eg: 2015-H2 designates the second semester of the 2015 academic year (and so might physically be in the year 2016).
  • dateTime: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ format (ISO 8601)
  • integer
  • locale: LL_CC format (ISO 639-1 two letter language code, an underscore, ISO 3166-1 two letter country code)
  • region: ISO 3166-2 subdivision code, not including country prefix (eg: BC not CA-BC)
  • string: Strings are case-preserving but not case-sensitive 

    NOTE: case insensitive is not well defined outside the roman alphabet-based typographies

  • extensibleVocabulary: The Core Schema vocabulary should be supported when described values are relevant, however implementations may add to the vocabulary. How supported values are conveyed between participants is outside of the scope of this document. Extended vocabulary must begin with x-.