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  1. A service provider like the Czech medical atlas or Internet2 spaces wiki wants a single point of registration for metadata in order to cut down on the work that they need to do with all the federations that want to use the service.
  2. As a consumer of metadata from PEER, I want the metadata to be a full representation of all the data in PEER about the entity in question in order to not depend on proprietary interfaces We wonder how all data can be fitted into metadata without any aggrements on predefined syntax.
  3. As a registrant, I want to be able to manage key rollover for my entities in order to not reregister full metadata
  4. As a registrant I want the system to be able to support  SAML metadata, OpenId metadata and IMI metatadata in order to be able to support multiple federation technologies.
  5. As a consumer I want to have the system produce schema valid SAML 2 metadata.
  6. As an consumer I need clarity on IP rights issued by the service in order to avoid legal problems on publishing the metadata.
  7. As a consumer of metadata, I want the metadata to be available in multiple publication protocols, including an MDX endpoint. At least one publication protocol should be some of revision or versioning system.
  8. As a registrant, I want to be able to import metadata from well-known locations based on SAML based approaches. Primarily One-time thing.
  9. As a registrant I want the system to be able to refresh the metadata fetched from a previously specified (known) location.
  10. As a registrant, I want to be notified about required changes to metadata, including certificate and metadata expiration, either by certificate expiration or on a regular basis.
  11. As a manager of PEER, I need to be able to add additional XML schema to the metadata evaluation mechanism in order to support future development.
  12. As a consumer of metadata I need to know and understand the level of assurance with metadata published by PEER in order to support my business processes.
  13. As a consumer, I require clarity on the LOA associated with each part of the published metadata. (Know who has supplied which items of metadata to PEER)
  14. As a consumer I need contact info for all metadata
  15. As a consumer, I want the problems of metadata in order to evaluate its trustworthiness Is the tool responsible of the validity of the metadata? E.g., as a consumer, should I trust the metadata blindly or should I check, for example, that the certificates associated with such metadata are not revoked or expired?
  16. As a consumer, I need a human-readable descriptor of each entity. As a registrant I want to be able to insert a human-readable descriptor.
  17. As a registrant, I want to be able to delete my metadata, even though it may not purge all traces of my metadata.
  18. As a registrant, I want the service to publish appropriate caching hints in order to ensure that stale metadata doesn't live forever.
  19. As a registrant, I want to be able to transfer control of metadata (permission to modify)
  20. As a domain owner, I want to be able to delegate all or part of the registration and administer metadata on my behalf.