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Metadata Registry

A SAML metadata curation service


An entity registrering SAML metadata in a metadata registry


An entity consuming SAML metadata

Domain owner

An entity which has administrative control of a DNS domain and/or URL

Next steps:

  • We have a set of user stories that are sufficient to set up a first generation BEER service.
  • Prioritization is next for the service, not the tool
  • Stick this on spaces.
  • Conf call next week.
  • The Janus use cases have either been labeled non-goals or included in the above list. Jacob will reword the BEER use cases and include those from Janus.
  • The Janus software may need to have too much ripped out to just do these services.  Or it may not deal with the generality required. Either a fork or a new code.
  • Modularizing the Janus software might be hard - current code structure and problems with SSP dealing with metadata
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