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January 25, 2017

What is TIER and What Does it Mean to Me?

Kevin Morooney, Internet2

Ann West, Internet2

Steve Zoppi, Internet2

February 8, 2017

Making Federation Easier: Default Attribute Release and User Consent

Liam Hoekenga, University of Michigan

Mark Scheible, MCNC

Keith Wessel, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

March 22, 2017InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Work PlanInCommon TAC Members

April 12, 2017

MFA: Duo and Google 2-Step Deployments Compared

Rich Graves, Carleton College and St. Olaf College

May 10, 2017

The Shibboleth Consortium: Sustainability and Future Directions

Scott Cantor, Ohio State

Justin Knight, Jisc

Kevin Morooney, Internet2

Steve Zoppi, Internet2

June 28, 2017

Free the Attributes!

Rob Carter, Duke University

July 19, 2017

Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Tom Barton, University of Chicago and Internet2




November 9, 2016

Motivations and Policy Challenges of Multifactor Deployment

Matthew Dalton,


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Brendan Bellina,

Identity Management Architect,


December 13

August 10, 2016




January 11, 2017


February 15, 2017

  March 15, 2017  

April 12, 2017


May 10, 2017


June 14, 2017

July 12, 2017


August 9, 2017



September 13, 2017



October 11, 2017  November 8, 2017  December 13, 2017
Paving the Way for Research Collaboration

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Modern Language Association

Scott Koranda, LIGO

Von Welch, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Researchg

Chris Whalen, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

July 13, 2016Grouper Enterprise Access Management System

Bert Bee-Lindgren, Georgia Tech

John Bryson, Georgia Tech

Madan Dorairaj, New York University

Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania

Julio Macavilca, New York University

Carl Waldbieser, Lafayette College

April 13, 2016

Attribute Release, Scalable Consent, and User Convenience 

Rob Carter, Duke University

Ken Klingenstein, Internet2

Keith Wessel, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

March 9, 2016

K-12 and Federation: Report from the Pilots

Shaun Abshere, WiscNet

Bernie A'cs, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Mark Beadles, OARnet

Scott Isaacson, Nebraska Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council

George Laskaris, NJEdge

Mark Scheible, MCNC

Ann West, Internet2


February 17, 2016

Registries and Records: The Ties that Bind an IAM System

Warren Curry, IAM Architect, University of Florida
Chuck Moore, Business Relationship Manager, Penn State
Renee Shuey, Senior Director, Identity Services, Penn State

January 27, 2016

InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Work Updates and PlansC.W. Belcher, Univ. of Texas at Austin and Chair, Workday Working Group
Chris Bongaarts, Univ. of Minnesota and Chair, Certificate Review Working Group
Steve Carmody, Brown University and Chair, InCommon Technical Advisory Committee
Walter Hoehn, Univ. of Memphis and Chair, Federation Interoperability Working Group
David Walker, Multi-Context Broker Working Group