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Enterprise Portal Questionnaire - Scott sent a draft cover letter and a revised set of questions to the list for review. The revisions are developed to include those institutions that are not implementing a portal as well as those that are, in order to capture a full range of responses. If everyone is comfortable with the survey, it is ready to send out. The link to the draft survey is located here: Removed

(AI) - Scott - will update the Enterprise Portal questionnaire online to reflect the revisions that address those organizations that are not implementing portals.


Current Topics of Interest can be viewed here: Removed

F2F Planning - It was discussed that piggy-backing the ITANA F2F with another conference may be the most effective way to plan the F2F for maximum participation. There may be opportunity at the upcoming Educause conference (Oct. 12-15) for a F2F session.


SOA & S2S - Bob sent out a link to an EdUnifying announcement: Removed

and a demo: Removed

(AI) - Jim - will ping list to see if there is still interest in SOA Discussion and Screen2Screen on the Topics of Interest.