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Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

Business Architecture Working Group Report Out scheduled for June 26th.

Topic Title (Best Mistakes Ever - Lightning Round)

  1. Lewis King-Yale: Faculty Flop

    1. Lessons: 
      1. Follow the pain in the organizations. 
      2. Trying to update Registrar data. 
      3. Scaled to faculty within 5 years of the meeting.

    1. Perhaps talking to the Wrong Audience?

    2. Roll out an LMS in the 90s.  Developed programs for the plant floor of the auto industry.

    3. School of Engineering.  Keeping the Registrar data.  Talking to the wrong audience.  The pain in keeping registrar data.

  2. Chas Grundy-Notre Dame: We're on the Train to Hell and I'm the Conductor

    1. Went to Central IT from the Web group.

    2. Split in Web-Public affairs, charge-back group.

    3. Central-IT-fighting against all. 
      1. Creating a content management system. 
      2. Only 1 person worked on the CMS. 
      3. Became the de facto standard.  “We are on the Train to Hell and I’m the Conductor”. 
      4. Why is the marketing group hiring programmers?  
      5. Failure of relationships and technical debt. 
      6. IT was not getting along with partners’ “enemies” on campus. 
      7. Making decisions because the relationships are bad. 
      8. The customer is the University. 
      9. Relationships are the currency you can’t spend savings that are not built up. 
      10. IT and Marketing are working together to get out of it.

  3. Betsy Draper-Kansas State University: Starting at the Top: Crash and Burn

    1. Federal agency
      1. Go in, take charge and make things happen
    2. Stepped into the shoes of the predecessor but did not understand the culture,
      1. Not able to make political connections in the agency. 
      2. Boss suggests LSS training. 
        1. Heads will be in training. 
        2. 3 heads set the trajectory  
    3. Lessons:  Look for the ripe apples and they can be in any part of the tree.
      1. Finding a champion for the EA practices.
      2. Finding the right apples

    1. Moving from the federal government to higher ed

    2. Starting at the Top: Crash and Burn.

  4. Lonnie Smetana-University of Manitoba: Don't Search for Answers

    1. Not what I was looking for. 
      1. Analyst level work. 
      2. Working through self-doubt and imposter syndrome.
    2. If you don’t know how to ask the right question-Deming quote.
    3. Need to be question oriented as well as answer oriented
    4. Learn to apply expansive thinking.
    5. Refactored-report.  Think strategically-What is the right question.
      1. Recently-How to address the accessibility score? 
      2. Rather than compliance and thinking about design.  ie close captioning.
    1. Assigned to the initial phase of the modernization effort.  

    2. What to do with the outcomes of the report.  Sent off to CIO/Boss.

  5. Jeff Kennedy-University of Auckland: Long-Lasting Neighbo[u]rhood Effects

    1. Integration architect and development architect. 
    2. Green and Red?  Human Synergetics.
    3. Willingness and capability.
      1. Need to be willing and capable.
      2. Get in early. 
      3. Don’t give trust where it is not earned.
    4. Communication
      1. North Star Buy-In. 
      2. Conversation meter. 
      3. Listening to learn. 
      4. Moving to authenticity.  
    5. Goal
      1. Clarity of goals and honesty of what progress might look like. 
        1. Big bang rather than incremental.

    1. Replatform integrations 
    2. Replatform on Oracle. 
      1. Didn’t go well. 
      2. Tried to move to Mulesoft. 
      3. Remain implicated. 
      4. Series of mistakes

    3. Dimension of trust

  6. Chris Eagle-University of Michigan: Don’t Ignore the Political Lens

    1. 1999:  Seeking a CIO opportunity.
    2. Private industry

    3. Blinds and Wallpaper retailer. Mail Order. 

    4. Running borders books at the time. 

    5. Put the catalog online.
      1. The current CIO was not the right person for the transformation. 
      2. Chris took the job. 
      3. Ignored the political aspect. 
      4. What are you going to do with the old CIO? 
      5. Special projects. 
      6. Late 50’s early 60’s.  Chris early 30’s.  The CEO hated Chris. 
        1. Y2K. 
        2. Undermined by the old CIO.
        3. Chris went to the CEO and learned the old CIO is the uncle of the CEO. 
          1. His greatest failure.

  7. Jim Phelps-University of Washington: 

    1.  CSG:  Brilliant Asshole problem.

    2. Madison:  EVP Enrollment Management   
      1. Translate with the Provost. 
      2. Being flippant with a comment offering help. 
      3. Need to more questioning rather than answering. 
        1. I learned humility.   

  8. Open questions:

  9. Sorry...didn't capture the chat.