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  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)
  2. Scribe Shout-out 
  3. Agenda Bash
  4. Main Topic - Future of the SIS - Jim Phelps

  5. Itana Org Updates (if any)
    1. Working Group Updates
      1. New2EA Working Group
      2. API Working Group
      3. Business Architecture Working Group
    2. Steering Committee Update
      1. Women in EA Working Group
      2. Face2Face 2020 - Boston - Leading Change as an Architect


Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out


  • Context - HBR article: Strategy is a Wicked Problem
  • Issues adding to the wickedness
    • Repository (all the data)
    • Student - role has changed
  • Leave the Plumbing, Remodel the House (Carrie Shumaker, UMich-Dearborn)
    • Using the Pace layer (Gartner)
      • leave the data repository
      • use APIs
      • build out the student experience
    • SIS is more than a transactional system (e.g., Finance, HR, Payroll), you need to manage student relationships
    • IDM could be considered an ERP ... take a step back and consider what we need from an ERP
    • Can your smaller engines (systems) carry you as you rebuild your plumbing?
    • As the student environment evolves, the data is the student's and we are managing their data (from potentially many sources)
  • Aligning the Student Experience
    • How do we avoid many system touches that negatively impact the student experience?
    • Shrink the SIS to the record level (layer 1)
    • Units would be forced to look at their business processes, clean up data problem, and data literacy
  • Other thoughts
    • Innovation will occur among those who have a system view and recognize their (small/niche) role in the ecosystem
    • Think of the student as the boundary of many systems
  • CHAT contents
    • 13:15:26 From James J Phelps :
      13:16:59 From Ed Melchior : Add in the multiple types programs - traditional, experience-based, non-term programs13:19:05 From Paul Erickson :
    • ERP is a bit like a brontosaurus trying to make its way around downtown Chicago… it can blunder around, but it was never evolved for the environment it’s currently making its way around. Definitely a wicked problem.
    • 13:21:21 From Dave Berry : Doesn't the innovation layer apply more to the teaching system?13:21:41 From Piet Niederhausen :
    • On slide 16, I think of Student on this slide more as the whole domain.
    • 13:22:08 From Piet Niederhausen : And I do think of teaching & learning solutions as part of the Student domain … but terminology can vary.13:22:24
    • From Richard Gould (ASU) : To have a flexible system that allows changing requirements, varied student enrollment types, an API layered approach is definitely the way to go imho13:25:09 From James J Phelps :
      13:30:36 From J.
    • J. Du Chateau : I wonder if some of that is because vendors are retrofitting existing architectures. LIke Paul & Betsy said, they old house wasn't designed for this.
    • 13:39:41 From Piet Niederhausen : The underlying methodology here is based in Risdon, Orchestrating Experiences: From James J Phelps : Does this change how you think about SIS
    • in the future?
      13:53:00 From Sowmya Shankar : I think the barebones way of looking at SIS will also positively impact any upgrade/patches for these systems.
    • 13:54:59 From Dave Berry : thanks for the presentation and discussion.
      13:55:15 From J.J. Du Chateau : Great discussion. Thanks Jim!
      13:56:51 From J.J. Du Chateau : Tools
      • I would add interactive whiteboard capabilities too.
      13:57:33 From Beth Schaefer : Yes, I’ve wanted a whiteboard…
      13:57:49 From J.J. Du Chateau : Can
      • I
      lower my hand now? My armn is getting tired.
      13:57:56 From Ladan Heit : Hello everyone; Ladan Heit from Waterloo Ontario (Laurier) checking in
      13:58:10 From Alberto D. Mendoza : I
      • 've seen some threads lately around whiteboarding... we should start an email thread
      13:58:39 From J.J. Du Chateau : Alberto, the
      • The topic came up with the last book report on "Back of the Napkin"
      13:58:43 From Alberto D. Mendoza :
      • and by threads lately I meant to say Twitter threads
      13:59:25 From Alberto D. Mendoza : @JJ that was pre-covid19
  1. Itana Org Updates (if any)
    1. Working Group Updates
      1. New2EA Working Group - April 8
      2. API Working Group
      3. Business Architecture Working Group 
    2. Steering Committee Update
      1. Women in EA Working Group - April 23, 1 pm, Topic: Unconscious Bias
      2. Face2Face 2020 - Boston - Leading Change as an Architect