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Institution NamePrimary Cloud Contact Cloud URLPrimary Drivers for adopting cloudCurrent Cloud approachOther information
Washington University in St. LouisJohn Bailey

Research, teaching, administrative.Cloud preferred
Indiana University

Bob Flynn 

in progressResearch, teaching and some administrativeExperimental CloudInstitutional Profile
University of Central FloridaJonathan White efficiency and innovationCloud FirstInstitutional Profile
University of Colorado Boulder

Jason Armbruster

In ProgressAdministrative, ResearchCloud Opportunistic
Boston University

Gerard Shockley, Research, Teaching and LearningCloud First
University of California, Berkeley

Walter Stokes, ResearchCloud Experimental/ Cloud Opportunistic
Harvard University

Ben Rota, teaching, and some researchCloud First
Penn State

Rick Rhoades

Research, teaching and some administrative

Cloud OpportunisticInstitutional Profile
University of Chicago

Cornelia Bailey, teaching, and some researchCloud Opportunistic
Northwestern University

Matthew Rich, ResearchCloud Opportunistic
Texas A&M UniversityWilliam Deigaard, automation, Disaster Recovery, Business ContinuityTransformational