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Comment: base URL of midPoint REST API


  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information.
  2. Set up a midPoint installation.
    1. Specifics are beyond the scope of this document.
    2. The plugin was developed with the Dockerized Getting Started with midPoint simple demo.
  3. Define a new Server in Registry.
    1. Servers > Add a New Server
      1. Type : HTTP
    2. Configure the Server as follows
      1. Server URL : base URL of midPoint REST API URL, for example
      2. Username : username of appropriately privileged midPoint user (default is Administrator)
      3. Password : password of appropriately privileged midPoint user (default is 5ecr3t)
  4. Configure a new Provisioning Target in Registry.
    1. Configuration > Provisioning Targets > Add Provisioning Target
      1. Plugin: MidPointProvisioner
      2. On the next page, select the Server created in the previous step, as well as the identifier type that will be used as the person's midPoint username.