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  • How to Setup a Grouper Development Environment for Grouper v2.5

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3rd party class not found

Something not compiling

Config not found

Grouper-parent clean and install

Run the maven copy dependencies (if webapp)

Refresh project

Project → clean (in eclipse), select applicable project

Class not found in webapp
for command line program
Java Build Path → Libraries → Add external class folder: webapp/WEB-INF/classes
Still having issues

Look where things compile in file explorer in your OS, and see that all classes and configs are there

Make sure all linked source configs are right

Linked source already existsThe name conflicts with existing or previous folder.  Cancel out and delete the folder in the project which used to link.
Or give it a different name
CrashingAdd more memory?  Should have at least 3 gigs for eclipse

Grouper dev env high level diagram



Git for source code version control

  1. Install Git

    1. (Mac) Command line installs

      1. $ brew install git


      3. Or Install from package

    2. Eclipse IDE plugin
    3. Github Desktop is also handy

Java - Grouper runs on Java

  1. Install OpenJDK 8 exact version (not above or below). Grouper runs on Java.

  2. Note: do not use Java language features above Java 8 for most of Grouper - grouper, grouper-ui, grouper-ws, etc. The grouperClient code must be compliant with Java 6.

Apache Tomee - Grouper runs in Tomee

  1. Download and unpack Tomee webprofile 7.0.7.  Note: Grouper runs in tomcat 8.5, which is what tomee 7.07 has


  • One option: Docker Desktop - to run our development database
  1. Install Docker Desktop. We’ll use this to run our development database.
  • or  You could just use hsql
  • or Install mysql or postgres or use external database (external will be slow)

Eclipse - Grouper development happens in Eclipse (or your favorite IDE)

  1. Install Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers or similar IDE
  2. Make sure you have the latest eclipse (2020) or upgrade your current eclipse
  3. Make sure the eclipse ini has at least 3 gig memory

If you get errors on the client about deprecated libraries, you might need to adjust your compiler errors/warnings

Line endings should be unix

If you get errors on maven lifecycle set this: