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The version of Grouper is 2.5.X (X is a number.  not patch level for API/UI/etc).  Grouper jars are built and released in maven central, and the container is built from those jars and released to dockerhub.  Once some testing has occurred it is announced on slack and on the release notes page as "released".  Do not use a new container until it is announced as "released".  The codebase and container are immutable after announced as released.  After a couple institutions are using the container version in production, or after a few days have passed and no show-stopping errors have been reported, the container version will be marked as "stable" on the release notes wiki.  The latest stable release is highlighted and is the one people should upgrade to if upgrading.    If you use a release that is not marked as "stable", please let the Grouper team know how your experience is so we have data points on when things are stable.


The ITAP container for 2.5 has some changes compared to 2.4.