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Note, you can send an email to group:name@grouper, and if that is in the allow list in, it will send to members of the group

Code Block
# comma separated group name and uuid's to be allow email addresses to dereference.
# for instance: a:b:c@grouper, def345@grouper<br />
# If a configuration enters in one of those email addresses, and it is in this allow list, then
# dereference the group and member and send email to their individual email addresses.  Note that 
# groups in this list can have their members discovered so treat their membership as non private.
# using the uuid@grouper gives a little bit of obscurity since the uuid of the group needs to be known
# is it is still security by obscurity which is not true security.  There is a max of 100 members it will
# send to
# {valueType: "string", multiple: true}
mail.smtp.groupUuidAndNameEmailDereferenceAllow =

In 2.5.0 patches, improve the Grouper email API and features.  Here is a list of things we can do