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    • 7 nominees total
    • 2  from same institution 
    • There should be 7-13 members of CTAB, according to the CTAB charter
    • Currently there are 10 voting members of CTAB
    •  JohnH , Brookhaven, and AdamL, Stanford, have indicated that they will not continue as CTAB members, creating two additional open positions on CTAB  
    • Could potentially bring on 5 new CTAB members, with reappointment of ChrisW
    • Would be good to replace JohnH with May want to recruit someone from a National Lab
    • TomB: would be good to have additional international CTAB members who are involved in international baseline expectations workThere is a baseline Slack Channel for edugain , Brett suggested posting the opportunity there - Decision was to hold off on that and reach out to those who have been nominated already
    • Decision: hold a preliminary conversation with those nominees who listed CTAB as 1st choice.
    • Rachana thought conversations with TomB, Brett, and MC  prior to joining CTAB were helpful when she was asked to join CTAB
    • AI   (MC, Brett and David) will reach out to  those nominees who listed CTAB as 1st choice to schedule a discussion.   MC will Slack with Brett and David to coordinate. Mention to the nominees the need to get Steering approval for slate of candidates, so the process is understood

    •  Plan is that Wed. Dec. 18, 2019 will be a CTAB call including the new members.