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As of Registry v4.1.0, Data Filter Plugins must declare which context(s) they support in $PLUGIN/Model/FooFilter.php:

Code Block
// The context(s) this filter supports
public $supportedContexts = array(

Each Data Filter plugin must implement the following function in $PLUGIN/Model/FooFilter.php:


  • context: DataFilterContextEnum (currently will always be ProvisioningTarget)
  • dataFilterId: The ID of the appropriate Data Filter instantiation (ie: cm_data_filters:id)
  • data: An array of data to be filtered, depending on the context
    • OrgIdentitySource: Org Identity data, in the same format as returned by Organizational Identity Source Plugins
    • ProvisioningTarget: Provisioning data, in the same format as passed to Provisioner Plugins
    • (info) This This field was called labeled $provisioningData prior to Registry v4.1.0.