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  • A service provider like the Czech medical atlas or Internet2 spaces wiki wants a single point of registration for metadata in order to cut down on the work that they need to do with all the federations that want to use the service.
  • As a consumer of metadata from BEER, I want the metadata to be a full representation of all the data in BEER about the entity in question in order to not depend on proprietary interfaces
    • We wonder how all data can be fitted into metadata without any aggrements on predefined syntax.
  • As a registrant, I want to be able to manage key rollover for my entities in order to not reregister full metadata
  • As a registrant I want the system to be able to support  SAML metadata, OpenId metadata and IMI metatadata in order to be able to support multiple federation technologies.
  • As a consumer I want to have the system produce schema valid SAML 2 metadata.
  • As an consumer I need clarity on IP rights issued by the service in order to avoid legal problems on publishing the metadata.
  • As a consumer of metadata, I want the metadata to be available in multiple publication protocols, including an MDX endpoint. At least one publication protocol should be some of revision or versioning system.
  • As a registrant, I want to be able to import metadata from well-known locations based on SAML based approaches. Primarily One-time thing.
  • As a registrant I want the system to be able to refresh the metadata fetched from a previously specified (known) location.
  • As a registrant, I want to be notified about required changes to metadata, including certificate and metadata expiration, either by certificate expiration or on a regular basis.
  • As a manager of BEER, I need to be able to add additional XML schema to the metadata evaluation mechanism in order to support future development.
  • As a consumer of metadata I need to know and understand the level of assurance with metadata published by BEER in order to support my business processes.
  • As a consumer, I require clarity on the LOA associated with each part of the published metadata. (Know who has supplied which items of metadata to BEER)
  • As a consumer I need contact info for all metadata
  • As a consumer, I want the problems of metadata in order to evaluate its trustworthiness.
  • As a consumer, I need a human-readable descriptor of each entity. As a registrant I want to be able to insert a human-readable descriptor.
  • As a registrant, I want to be able to delete my metadata, even though it may not purge all traces of my metadata.
  • As a registrant, I want the service to publish appropriate caching hints in order to ensure that stale metadata doesn't live forever.
  • As a registrant, I want to be able to transfer control of metadata (permission to modify)
  • As a domain owner, I want to be able to delegate all or part of the registration and administer metadata on my behalf.