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  • Job Name: ApiSource.Poll 
  • Job Parameters
    • api_source_id: The ID of the API Source instance to run polling for.
      • Required
    • max: The maximum number of records to process before exiting.
      • Default: 100 (Registry v4.0.2 and earlier) or 10 (Registry v4.1.0 and later)
      • As of Registry v4.1.0, for Apache Kafka this is the number of loops that may run trying to consume messages. The number of messages that may be consumed is configured by the Batch Size setting on the KafkaServer object. Thus the actual maximum number of messages that may be consumed is (max * batch_size).
      • This parameter may be refactored in a future minor release.

Sample Usage

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./Console/Cake job ApiSource.Poll -s -c 2 --max 10 --api_source_id 5


Apache Kafka support is available as of Registry v4.0.0.v4.0.0. (warning) Kafka support is Experimental and may change across minor releases.

Add a new Kafka Server, via COServersAdd a New Server. On the next page, set the configuration information as provided by the Kafka administrators.

Instantiate ApiSource and set Poll Mode to Apache Kafka. Select the Server created above, and . For Registry v4.0.x, set the Consumer Group ID and Kafka Topic as provided by the Kafka administrators. (For Registry v4.1.0 and later, these settings are configured via the Kafka Server.)

(info) Registry v4.0.x uses the high-level consumer. Registry v4.1.0 and later uses the low-level consumer and batch consumption of messages.

Endpoints and Actions

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