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When Match At Registry is used with Organizational Identity Sources, the Match Reference Identifier will be available in the Org Identity Source Record (Org IdentityView Organizational Identity Source Record), but not in the Org Identity itself. It will also be available in the CO Person Record. When Match At Registry is used with Enrollment Flows, the Match Reference Identifier will be available in the Petition record and the CO Person Record.

System of Record Labels

The Match API operates with the concept of a System of Record Label, which is used to identify the calling system making the request to the ID Match server. System of Record Labels should be short and alphanumeric with no special characters, such as sis or hris.


  1. Configure the Enrollment Flow with Identity Matching set to External. Select the appropriate Match Server from the list provided.
  2. Make sure the Enrollment Attributes collected include CO Person attributes with the same configuration (including types, if appropriate) as the Match Server Attributes.
  3. Set Duplicate Enrollment Mode to an appropriate configuration.
  4. For Registry v4.1.0 and later, define the System of Record Label.

Handling Fuzzy Matches

If the match request is inconclusive, a list of potential candidates will be displayed as part of the Enrollment Flow. To link to an existing record, select the appropriate Reference Identifier. To create a new Reference Identifier, select "New".