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Tools & Topics for On-Going Administration

Grouper UIs - Information on web-based user interfaces provided with Grouper.
GrouperShell - Documentation for the gsh command line utility.
Grouper Daemon - Documentation for background processing including: GrouperLoader, notifications and membership expiry.
Grouper Client - Experimental client for Grouper LDAP and Web Services.
Ldappc-ng - Documentation for the LDAP Provisioning Connector.
Ldappc - Documentation for the original LDAP Provisioning Connector.
User Audit Log - How to review who made what changes and when.
Move and Copy - How to move / copy groups or stems.
Notification - Grouper can incrementally provision external systems.
Attribute framework - As of v1.5 Grouper has a framework for assigning metadata to grouper objects.
Custom Group Types & Fields - What they are and how to create and delete them.
Role and permission management - Grouper v1.5+ allows external applications to central management roles and permissions in Grouper
Enabled and disabled dates - Memberships can be set to apply only in the future, or for a certain period of time
Grouper automatically delete old data - Delete old audit, point in time, or folder objects in grouper
Import/Export Tool - Documentation for the XML Import/Export tool.
Legacy Import/Export Tool- Documentation for the original XML Import/Export tool.
Unresolvable Subject Deletion Utility - Documentation for the command line usdu tool.
Bad Membership Finder Utility - Documentation for the findbadmemberships command line script.
Shibboleth Integration - Grouper as a Data Connector Extension for Shibboleth.
ESB Connector - Integrating Grouper with an event-driven ESB architecture.
Grouper integration with Kuali Rice - Use Grouper groups in Kuali applications and middleware, and use Kuali Enterprise Workflow in Grouper groups management.
Security patches