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DatabasePreferred?Large deployments*Small deploymentsNotes

note the default database server max connections is 100 and needs to be at least 5000 and needs to be raised if a problemthe amount of connections for each container multiplied by the number of containers.

each container has a max pool size default of 500 (multiple that number by number of so if you have 3 containers in an env for server maxthen the max database number of connections should be at least 1500)

OracleNoYesYesyou need to add your driver to the container
  • performance issues on large deployments
  • as a datapoint, v2.5 works with MariaDB 10.4.12 with driver mysql-connector-java-8.0.16.jar
Microsoft MSSQLNoNoNo

"Large deployment" is loosely defined as having more than 10k groups

Note the database should not limit the number of connection below whatever is necessary for your own performance needs (e.g. at least 500)



User Interface - Servlet container, REMOTE_USER via servlet container, or user-installable servlet filter.  

Web Services - Servlet container, HTTP Basic, HTTP Basic with Kerberos, Rampart, or user-installable plug-in.

Grouper v2.5+ also has built in authentication for both the UI and Web Services.


  • No longer applicable since Grouper runs in a container with Java already installed.  However, if you're pulling the Grouper API from Maven (e.g. to integrate with a custom application), then JDK v8 or later is required.  To run the Grouper installer (for a container quick start), or the Grouper client (for web services), Java8 is required.

Browser Requirements

  • Modern common browser (e.g. latest Chrome, Firefox, IE)
  • cookies must be enabled
  • javascript must be enabled
  • AJAX compatible