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  • Grouper is supported on Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL (note: works with Postgres v9, might have issues with v10)
  • Object persistence is provided by Hibernate and JDBC so you might be able to use other databases. There have been performance issues on large deployments on SQL server.

Java Servlet Container

  • Servlet API Version 3.1.
  • The recommended Tomcat version is 8.5
  • The TIER SCIM API runs on TomEE


User Interface - Servlet container, REMOTE_USER via servlet container, or user-installable servlet filter.  

Web Services - Servlet container, HTTP Basic, HTTP Basic with Kerberos, Rampart, or user-installable plug-in.


  • JDK v8 or later.
    • You should use the PSPNG. Java8 in the deprecated PSP can have scripting problems with the example code. If you run the PSP use Java7.
  • Minimum heap memory size: 500M. (-Xmx500M) (needs to be larger for big deployments)

Browser Requirements

  • Modern common browser (e.g. latest Chrome, Firefox, IE)
  • cookies must be enabled
  • javascript must be enabled
  • AJAX compatible