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C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin>gsh -registry -check -runscript
Using GROUPER_HOME:  C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin\..
Using GROUPER_CONF:  C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin\../conf
Using JAVA:          "c:\dev_inst\java/bin/java"
using MEMORY:        64m-512m
Grouper starting up: version: 1.4.0 build date: 2008/11/13 14:42:25 read from: C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\conf\
Grouper current directory is: C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin read from:   C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\conf\
Grouper is logging to file:   C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin\..\logs\grouper_error.log, at min level WARN
 for package: edu.internet2.middleware.grouper, based on C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\conf\ sa@jdbc:hsqldb:C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin\..\dist/run/grouper;create=true
sources.xml read from:        C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\conf\sources.xml
sources.xml groupersource id: g:gsa
sources.xml jdbc source id:   jdbc: GrouperJdbcConnectionProvider

Based on ddlutils.schemaexport.installGrouperData=true
(note, might need to type in your response multiple times (Java stdin is flaky))
(note, you can whitelistallow orand blacklistdeny db urls and users in the
Are you sure you want to schemaexport all tables (dropThenCreate=F,writeAndRunScript=T) in db user 'sa', db url 'jdbc:hsqldb:C:\dev_inst\eclipse\workspace_v33\grouper\bin\..\dist/run/grouper;create=true'? (y|n):
Grouper ddl object type 'Grouper' has dbVersion: 0 and java version: 12
Grouper ddl object type 'Subject' has dbVersion: 0 and java version: 1
Grouper database schema DDL requires updates
(should run script manually and carefully, in sections, verify data before drop statements, backup/export important data
 before starting, follow change log on confluence, dont run exact same script in multiple envs - generate a new one for
each env),
script file is:
Script was executed successfully