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2.4 (in progress)DeprovisioningUser interface to manage deprovisioning of subjects
2.4 patchProvisioning in UIManage and view provisioning information in the UI
2.5Add database columnsAdd database columns for group expiry (membership expiry already exists), and membership notes (maybe an attribute instead). Anything else for point-in-time? "visible" flag for UI for groups
2.4 patchAllow configuration to be stored in databaseAllow configuration to be stored in the database so common configuration is shared among all JVMs. Of course some configuration wouldnt be elgible for this (e.g. database connection information, passwords, etc)
2.5Improve pagination in WSReturn the total count. At least change the WS schema for 2.4
2.4 patchMembership reportsSee which users in a group or a folder of groups are not active. Add other attributes. Download reports. Schedule reports.
2.4 patch or 2.5Provision lifecycle eventsEvents (such as admission, enrollment, new hire, etc.) must trigger lifecycle stage transitions, role changes, affiliation changes, etc.  Those can then cause other events such as service eligibility.  Lifecycle changes or affiliations all precipitate a need for provisioning wherein roles are mapped to services / entitlements.
2.4 patch or 2.5Workflow state groupsThe solution must support high level workflows between states. Group memberships transitioning among workflow state groups
2.4 patch of 2.5Separation of dutiesThe solution must anticipate the possibility of conflicting roles in the case of multiple personae. Also allow overrides of separation of duties
2.4 patch or 2.5Conflicting rolesThe solutions must take into consideration that conflicting grants of authority, eg, one source indicating a grant of access and another a denial of access, must be resolvable according to the needs of each application or service context
2.4 patch or 2.5Handle multiple rolesThe solutions must enable individuals to have multiple roles/affiliations/relationships/whatever with the institution, each with its own lifecycle and overlapping set of access privileges needed to undertake each role. Statefulness (persistence and preservation of state) must permeate the design goals of all solution components in order to correctly and efficiently manage their access over the course of these multiple lifecycles
2.5? (started)Revise build environment and dependency retrieval

Revising code environment to get rid of dependencies and the hybrid builds (Maven and ant builds, hard to keep everything in sync)

Possible options:

  1. Ivy: keep existing ant scripts and use Ivy for dependency retrieval
  2. Maven: Remove ant build script and let maven drive both the build and dependency retrieval. (create various profiles for each env)
  3. Gradle: Remove ant/maven build scripts. Use groovy scripts to retrieve dependencies and drive the build

Need to figure out versions for each dependency.

2.4 patch or 2.5Real time message based loading LDAP by personAllow messaging to take events to update a user in loader jobs (ldap)
2.4 patchSubject source adapter configuration wizardHave grouper subject source adaptor configuration in the UI like the loader config. Explore including Midpoint and Comanage if useful
2.5?Real time message based provisioningAllow messaging to take events to provision new netIds (pspng)
2.5Expire dates

Add expire dates to groups (other objects? attribute definitions? attribute names?) and expose privilege expire dates to WS/UI. GRP-1807: folder names limited to 255

GRP-849: add enable/disable dates on groups like memberships and permisisons

2.5Add remaining attribute/permission operations to WSAdd permission hierarchy services for roles, actions. Limits? Any other attribute permission services?


Provisioning by message

Use a message bus to notify interested parties, including traditional provisioning agents, of group changes. TBD: supported message transports, format of messages, content of messages.  Possible transports include AWS, Azure, ActiveMQ. 

2.4 patchMembership approvalsAdd simple workflow (approval) for an OPTIN or UPDATE operation on a group
2.5?Add dropbox endpoint to pspng
2.5?Add unicon azure integration to grouperAdd the unicon azure integration to grouper.

2.5?Add O365 to pspngNeed technical requirements first, leverage the existing Unicon work
2.5Add bulk operationsMake bulk operations faster, e.g. creating or deleting a list of groups, adding or removing a list of memberships
2.4 patchProvision to BMC Remedy
2.4 patchUI warn, restrict, or schedule large operationsIf adding a group to another group, maybe warn, restrict, notify user that the operation will take a while to provision. Or schedule this for later?
2.5?Copy entitlements to another userCopy entitlements to another user. Optionally include start and end dates
2.5?Automatically clean various thingsIf a group is marked as a composite ad hoc list (and/or maybe includes / excludes), then if the membership is no longer relevant, then set an end date for some time in the future. Optionally notify. This applies to individual permissions as well. Automatically or manually clean up redundant privs (if assigned to group and individual). Automatically or manually clean up redundant memberships (group and individual)
?Add high level help or how tosFor admins or users etc
?Auto build TIER structure

Auto build TIER structure

2.4 patchAuto-create application

Application security model auto create (readers, updaters, admins, inherited privs). Application template. UI to create the structure.

Direct/indirect should show on policy group
Security model - documentation and UI opportunities - wizard?
Can application owners see reference group?  via attributes
On-goingUpdate third party librariesUpdate third party libraries to the latest version
Update training videosGo through training videos and either keep, re-record, annotate, or delete. Identify new training videos to make
Refine next generation provisioningTake PSPNG and feedback from the field and add more features, refine it, improve it, etc


Grouper Core enhancement

Continue adding capabilities to meet requirements from the field.


Community contributions

Solicit and publicize community contributions of extensions and complements to Grouper.

2.4 patch

Register for notifications

Add ability for users to register to be notified of changes to specified objects. Note, there are rules to email users about changes to memberships

Not yet assigned

More provisioning connectors

Add further connectors to reflect specified group, membership, role, and permission information into external systems and services. Include Google provisioning (from the Unicon contribution to the PSPNG)

Not yet assigned

Scaling REST webservice

A page in the Administration guide, Grouper always available web services and client, demonstrates one way to provide always available services using a specialized client.  The CIFER REST web service will need the server-side capability to provide that always-available functionality.  In addition the REST API should be able to access multiple, read-only caches so it can efficiently handle any increase in query requests, most of which will not need to directly access the primary database. PSPNG should be able to provision to a database table, and WS should be able to read from that table (or tables) for simple operations.

Not yet assignedImprove grouper startup timeGrouper takes a while to startup in webapp or gsh command line. Some ideas were nailgun for GSH, javassist byte code enhancement with gradle, profiling, making sure grouper starts in webapp before first request.
Not yet assignedRules on individual membershipAn individual membership could have a rule that it is dependent on memberships in another group for example