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University of Pennsylvania implemented class-lists with the Grouper Loader which includes lists of students, instructors, assistants (to instructors), guests, and all members.  The students, instructors, and assistants are fed from our student system, so they should be include/exclude.  The guests are an ad hoc group.  The "all" members should include the groups: students, instructors, assistants, guests.  There can be cross listings (multiple names for a course), and the cross listing groups should just contain the primary course groups (5 groups: all, students, instructors, guests, assistants).  Security should be setup on all courses such that there is a global readers group, a global updaters group, and in each course the instructors and assistants should be able to read and update the appropriate groups.   Note you need Grouper 1.4 built after 10/18/2009, or 1.5+ for all of this to work properly.