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  1. Deploy a wide scale implementation of eduroam targeting a defined set of UETN k12 institutions

  2. Use lessons learned during pilot to develop an informed business model for UETN and others wishing to deploy eduroam at a statewide level, as well as a more robust program for the national Regional community

  3. Develop a case study based on our combined experiences. Present the case study to UETN’s board and provide the case study as a resource to the broader Regional community. This case study will describe the experiences of pilot participants, provide a high level list of lessons learned, articulate the vision of the role eduroam plays in the regional portfolio and the value that it provides

  4. Develop a document repository. This body of knowledge will be used  to enable smoother program onboarding for Regionals and streamline onboarding processes for their members

  5. Develop a support analysis and training model for onboarding new regionals