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  1. RA21

    1. Assess the “fit” of an InCommon-run IdP discovery persistence service

    2. (update 5/16): GEANT will be hosting a beta service; circle back when beta launches.
  2. FIM4R Recommendations for InCommon

    1. Responding to the requirements of researchers, a key audience

      1. Invest in Areas to Support Collaboration-as-a-Service

      2. Increase Focus on Sustainability Practices

      3. Increase Research Representation in All Levels of FIM Governance

    2. Will help with IdPs not providing attributes to R&S SPs

    3. IdPaaS might meet some of the recommendations

  3. Collaboration with CACTI/CTAB

    1. Representatives (not chairs) to attend meetings

    2. (update 5/16): done

2019 Second Half

Possible work items for the TAC in the second half of 2019 include:


High-level description of new work item.


Suggestion/Action Item

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