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  1. Follow up to the Streamlining SP Onboarding Working Group

  2. Follow up to the Attributes for Collaboration and Federation Working Group

    1. The TAC is reviewing the draft of InCommon’s response to the above two groups through February

    2. Update 5/23: The recommendations the above two working groups made are planned or underway InCommon work items
  3. Deployment Profile Working Group

    1. Follow up after hiatus and Kantara ratification of revised SAML2int

    2. Create an R&E specific profile to layer on top of SAML2int

      1. Update 5/23: Likely kick-off in September/October
      2. Update 9/19: Item moved to draft 2020 plan
    3. Might factor into Baseline, badging, automated testing
  4. Development of a test InCommon federation
    1. Working group to be chartered for requirements gathering late or early 2020
    2. Update 9/19: Item moved to draft 2020 plan
  5. Badging for Participants and maturity model outline for adoption of federation technologies and protocols
    1. Update 5/23: A sub-group with members of CTAB and TAC is working on this
  6. Address new TAC member onboarding and communication gaps