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  • MC reported on the outreach that she and TomB have been doing to CTAB candidates 
  • Steering approval for the CTAB slate could be sometime after February 4 (or asynchronous if required for time purposes)
  • Steering will need a list of full CTAB and where they are from and term dates
    • MC and Brett should both join the Steering call on Feb.  44, 2019

  •  Welcome John Pfeifer, University of Maryland, to today’s CTAB call as a guest


Baseline Expectations - Dispute Resolution Handling  

  • Albert shared Mockmock-up of Docket in Wiki:
    • Copied orgs of priority 1-5 info into this wiki. Now restricted viewing
    • Idea of tracking each org in the wiki for richer tracking
      At top is list view
    • Can see detail by clicking on link, for  each org not meeting baseline
    • Confluence comment feature allows conversation to be tracked
    • Can change status column, for example, to escalate an org to Steering
  • Comment: looks good for our tracking
  • There was a question about those not on the docket, those to be attended to. The public docket should likely include those pending review. 
  • Albert: the public docket list will need to be manually maintained
  • Perhaps take google tracking sheet and transform it to wiki page
  • Include entity IDs as well as organization
  • Could include 200-300 items
  • Entity IDs are tracked in  the health check reports
  • Suggestion to link to page with public docket
  • DavidW: 
  • does NOT suggest that finer
  • No need for very fine  grain details
  • should
  • to be available to public view
  • An
  • However an IDP might want to scan list to see SPs that are used by my institution that are not meeting baseline
    • An IDP might contact the SP not meeting baseline and offer to help that SP meet BE
    • For an SP using federated logon as  access to my service , might want to be sure the participants are meeting BE
    • Want to be able to scan to be sure BE is being met by my partners.
    • Want a very visible indication of where we are falling short of all of InCommon meeting BE
  • Suggestion for metadata explorer tool (from REFEDs)
  • Currently we are focusing on metadata, but In future state of Baseline Expectations, we may be talking about supported software
  • There will be a clean up task for end of any phase of baseline
  • Include when the list was most recently updated
  • For public listing, use an entity-based listing
  • How much info to provide to community about reason an org is not meeting BE?
  • Prroposal to get a list for the trust and Identity newsletter, with just 4 columns
    • org name 
    • entity name
    • entity ID
    • Entity type (IDP, SP)

For a Future CTAB call

  • Community Dispute Resolution Process - where do we start (Stage 2 vs 3)
  • How will CTAB divide effort in Stage 3 review?
  • Time for another tabletop exercise?
  • Involving Service Desk - invite Service Desk to CTAB call during BE CDRP?