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  • The source IP address will need to configured or disabled in

    Code Block
    # The configuration editor in grouper is very sensitive.  If you can only allow certain source IP addresses 
    # it will add another layer of security.  Otherwise allow and all will be allowed
    # If this configuration item is not filled in, then none are allowed
    # you can configure multiple CIDR addresses or networks comma separated, e.g.,
    grouperUi.configurationEditor.sourceIpAddresses = 

Or put this SQL in the database

Code Block
INSERT INTO grouper_config (id,config_file_name,config_key,config_value,config_comment,config_file_hierarchy,config_encrypted,config_sequence,config_version_index,last_updated,hibernate_version_number,config_value_clob,config_value_bytes) VALUES 

The UI uses comments in the config file to describe the configuration, and will also use configuration metadata (described below)