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new GroupSave(grouperSession).assignName("stem1:a").assignCreateParentStemsIfNotExist(true).save();

Group Types

Set attribute on group

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titleAdd a new type with an attribute, add this to group and then set its value on the group, e.g.
grouperSession = GrouperSession.startRootSession();
g = GroupFinder.findByName(session, "admin:loader_groups");
type = typeAdd("sync_group");
type.addAttribute(session, "sync_group", false, "sync");
groupAddType("admin:loader_groups", "sync_group");
g.setAttribute("sync", "true");



groupAddType(group name, type name)

Add type to group

groupDelType(group name, type name)

Delete type from group

groupGetTypes(group name)

Get group's types

groupHasType(group name, type name)

Check whether group had type

typeAdd(type name)

Create custom group type

typeAddAttr(type name, attr name, read, write, required)

Create custom group attribute. read and write must be an AccessPrivilege (e.g. AccessPrivilege.ADMIN)

typeAddList(type name, attr name, read, write)

Create a custom list. read and write must be an AccessPrivilege (e.g. AccessPrivilege.ADMIN).

typeDel(type name)

Delete group type

typeDelField(type name, field name)

Delete custom field from group type

typeFind(type name)

Find the group

typeGetFields(type name)

Get fields associated with the group type