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More Than Just Speeds and Feeds: Architecting Cloud Connectivity for Campus Workloads (July 2019)

Hybrid cloud is a buzzy term, but in reality, campuses need stable, high bandwidth connectivity until all campus workloads are cloudy. A highly-connected campus workload needs to communicate between the campus and public clouds for the migration, and in most cases, for significantly longer. These are often legacy or regulated workloads that require an additional level of control.

In this webinar, learn how colleagues at UNC Charlotte are leveraging advanced AWS networking functionality to centrally manage a sprawling cloud environment, by leveraging services like Transit Gateway and VPC Peering to solve their connectivity to the cloud. And, how campuses can create stable, high-bandwidth connectivity between the campus and public clouds with Internet2 NET+ AWS and Cloud Connect.

AWS Organizations, Control Tower and You: Are you prepared to reach for the Service Control Policy? (May 2019)